Bargaining Underway with CRA

June 21, 2018

Our Bargaining Team makes clear our objectives for this round of negotiations.

Our PSAC/UTE Bargaining Team met with the CRA on June 20th and 21st to commence negotiations for a new collective agreement. Our Team made clear to the agency that, while the union is ready to negotiate in good faith, we are not interested in steps backwards for our members and are looking to achieve improvements in this round of bargaining.

Our Team indicated to the Agency that our objectives include:

  1. Fixing problems in the workplace. We have not commenced negotiations for a new contract with the Agency since 2012. From hours of work to term employment to student use, many new problems have arisen since that time and we’re looking for new rights protections for our members.
  2. Increased leave and work-life balance for PSAC-UTE members at CRA is a priority for our Team.
  3. Since our last round of bargaining began other federal employers have agreed to significant new rights and improvements in negotiations with the PSAC and other unions. We see no reason why we should agree to less than what other federal employers have agreed to in terms of benefits for CRA employees.

We exchanged our non-wage-related proposals with the Agency. A copy of our proposals and those of the employer can be found here. We will be tabling wage proposals at a future date once we have received and analyzed employer payroll data.

We are scheduled to resume negotiations first week of July. We’ll be sure to provide updates as we progress. As always, membership solidarity and support are the key to us achieving a fair contract. Together we can make CRA a better place to work.

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