Scholarship Info

Fraser Valley TSO U.T.E. Local 20007 Scholarship Application Instructions

Your application must include the following. See guidelines for full descriptions.

  1. Essay or audio or visual (with explanation) submission
  2. Statement pertaining to your program and career plans;
  3. Brief statements from two (2) persons with whom you have worked (paid or volunteer) during the past year, containing their general evaluation of your work, your capabilities, your character and performance.  These forms may be sent directly to the U.T.E.;
  4. Transcript (if appropriate);
  5. Proposed budget;
  6. Financial need statement;
  7. Statement of your community involvement and;
  8. Statement of your union involvement, that of your spouse or that of your parent(s).

Preference may be given to people entering their first year of University, College or Institute of higher learning.  However, applicants may be entering years other than their first year.

Preference may be given to first time recipients.